The Best Big Little Reveal Ideas

Best Big Little Reveal Ideas

Best Big Little Reveal Ideas

The tradition of sorority families is easily one of the most memorable aspects of being in a sorority. For many girls, getting their sorority family is like running home on bid day all over again, and getting a big is something really special for new members. Big little reveal days hold a special spot in many girls’ hearts, and with the right outfit, you can make your and your little’s day even more special!


These western-style tees give major cowgirl vibes and would be so cute styled with matching hats and boots!

Western Fam Tees – Olympia & Olive (


These tees paired with a pair of cute sunnies, lots of glitter, and even more hot pink accessories scream fashionista! 

Comfort Colors Pink On Pink Tees – Olympia & Olive (


These neutral-toned tees are perfect for a flower-child-themed reveal. Try pairing them with bell bottoms and cute sunnies!

Neutral Tone Fam Tees – Olympia & Olive (

Ride or Die

These ride-or-die-themed tees would be so cute for a grunge-style themed big little reveal! 

Ride or Die Fam Tees – Olympia & Olive (


These citrus tanks would be adorable for warmer climates!

Citrus Slice Fam Tanks – Olympia & Olive (


These butterfly tees are super easy to dress up or down, making them perfectly versatile! 

Butterfly Fam Tees – Olympia & Olive (


These checkered tees are great for a racecar-themed reveal!

Checkered Fam Tees – Olympia & Olive (


These groovy sunrise tees are far out, perfect for a 1970s-themed reveal! 

Groovy Sunrise Fam Tees – Olympia & Olive (

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