This One's for the Girls

This One's for the Girls

Women's History Month is a time for us to reflect and celebrate the contributions to history made by women. It is a time for us to come together and celebrate the women in our lives. Here at Campus Classics we love the meaning of sisterhood that comes with joining a sorority. We take the responsibility of sisterhood and supporting one another to heart. We wanted to talk with some of the women who support Campus Classics to find out why they chose to become part of a legacy of sisterhood.  So let's look at what it means to these ladies to join the ranks of sisterhood!                  

1. Why did you choose to join a Sorority & what made you pick your specific sorority?

Laurel Glatch: I chose to join a sorority so I could make lifelong friends and open up leadership opportunities for myself. I specifically chose to go Aphi because when I walked through the doors every night of recruitment those girls made me feel at home, they made me feel welcomed and loved and supported. You could feel it when you walked in the house they were a real genuine sisterhood. 

Mary Nell Rush: I decided to join my sorority, Kappa Delta, because I wanted to become a part of something bigger than myself and find my home away from home as well as get more involved on campus and in my community. From the first day I met the sisters of Kappa Delta at Georgia Southwestern I knew I wanted to become a member. They made me feel so welcome and each sister treated me as if they had known me my whole life.

Anne Mccain: I chose to join a sorority at Purdue University because my parents and older brother were a part of Greek life during their time on campus. They gained lifelong friends from their organizations and I desired the same for myself. I picked Kappa Kappa Gamma because it was the only house that instantly felt like home when going through recruitment. I loved every girl I spoke with during the process and they were real and honest with their conversations. At the end of the day, our values lined up and I just knew I wanted to be a part of the organization.

Kimberly Cooley:  I chose to join a sorority to find a smaller group of friends/sisters. Attending a large college like Indiana University, I felt finding a smaller group to belong to was important. It definitely felt like the sorority picked me and I picked it! With the length and complexity of Rush at IU, I truly believe you find the home where you belong!


2. What is your favorite aspect of Sisterhood?

Laurel Glatch: My favorite aspect of this sisterhood is accountability. These girls make me a better person every single day, they support my goals, and are there for me always through every high and every low. I know I can go to any one of these girls with anything and they will be there ready to love me with open arms.

MNR: My favorite aspect of the sisterhood in Kappa Delta is how each sister is always so friendly and how I know I will always have someone to count on and be by my side through whatever I am going through.

AM: My favorite aspect of sisterhood is being able to share traditions and rituals with the other women in the chapter. I also love getting to learn about the different backgrounds and cultures my sisters grew up with. We are all unique in our own ways, but come together and share the love of Kappa

KC:  My favorite aspect of Sisterhood is the lifelong friendships I made so many years ago. I still keep in touch with several of my sisters. The bond we have truly is lifelong and I treasure their friendships and the memories we shared. 

3. What has been your biggest take away you've gained so far in your Sorority?

LG: My biggest take away so far from being an Aphi is confidence. I wake up everyday and know I've got an entire group of girls who love me and believe in me. They make me feel beautiful, empowered, smart and accomplished.

MNR: The biggest take away I have gotten from Kappa Delta is the leadership abilities and confidence it has given me. Holding a variety of different leadership positions throughout my time in Kappa Delta has allowed me to get out of my comfort zone by planning several different events and has also given me so much confidence in myself.

AM: The biggest takeaway I have gained from my sorority is being genuinely nice goes a long way. If you are there for others when they are feeling down or just ask them how their day is going, they will likely do the same for you in return. They will be there to lift you up when you need it. It’s a basic saying but so true - treat others how you want to be treated.

KC:  Since I graduated almost 28 years ago from college, I still believe my biggest take away was the times shared and memories made with my sisters. I am blessed to have had a "home" to go to during college, knowing it was filled with activity, laughter and love.


4. Since joining your sorority what opportunities have been made available to you?

LG: Leadership opportunities and responsibility. Since joining Aphi I have had multiple opportunities to take on leadership roles which is helping me prepare for my future outside of college! I have also learned a whole new sense of responsibility and time management from looking up to older activists and watching them balance greek life along with school and work!

MNR: Some opportunities that have been opened up to me since joining a sorority would be all of the new connections I have made with so many different people. I have also had the chance of giving back to my community by volunteering on campus, working with the Girl Scouts, and raising money for many causes that are important to myself as well as so many other people.

AM:  I’ve had many opportunities open up to me since being in Kappa. The biggest one was probably serving as the Philanthropy Chairman. I had the chance to coordinate two philanthropy events during my term and raise money for our local and National philanthropies; Reading is Fundamental and United Way. I had the freedom to establish a new event and use a new fundraising platform called CrowdChange. Using this new platform allowed us to double our usual donations from previous events and we’ve continued to use it! Holding a leadership position taught me many useful things that I will use in the future. I am so grateful I had the opportunity to impact the lives of others

KC: After graduating, I worked with my chapter as the house Treasurer/Advisor. I learned a lot from working with the finances/accounting, which has helped me in owning my own business.

 "The success of every woman should be the inspiration to another. We should raise each other up. Make sure you’re very courageous: be strong, be extremely kind, and above all be humble." -  Serena William


To connect with these chapters and learn more about what they are doing to impact their communities connect with them below: 
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