What Activities Do Sororities Do?

What Activities Do Sororities Do?

What Activities Do Sororities Do?

A huge part of joining a sorority is the social aspect. Sorority women are responsible for holding a variety of different events throughout the school year. These events are all part of the sisterhood of joining a sorority and are part of the reason why being in a sorority is so special. These activities are integral parts of being a sorority woman.

Bid Day

Bid day is one of the most exciting days of the year for sorority women. This is the time that they get to officially welcome their new members home and introduce them into their sisterhood. These days are action-packed and full of excitement for everyone. Sorority women work tirelessly for months to ensure that bid day is exciting for new members, so this day often holds a lot of memories!

Bid day is also one of the most exciting days for incoming new members. This is the first time they get to run home to their sororities and really get to meet their new sisters. For a lot of new members, bid day holds a very special place in their hearts. Bid day is only the beginning of many activities and memories made while being in a sorority


Big Little Week

Soon after bid day is big and little week. This is the time when after meeting upperclassmen, new sorority members will join a sorority family. This week is full of excitement, surprise, and suspense, as new members are left gifts by their big. This is when new members get lots of sorority merchandise including custom t-shirts, accessories, snacks, and more.

Getting a sorority family is really special because these families often turn out to be close friends. This is also a way for underclassmen to get close to upperclassmen and become a more solidified part of their sorority. This time in a sorority woman's life is incredibly special and many remember these moments for the rest of their life.


By far one of the biggest activities that sororities do involves philanthropy. Sororities often have a national philanthropic organization that they contribute to often. Sororities have a commitment to these organizations to support them and provide them with the resources needed to succeed. Due to this, sororities are very busy with ensuring that they are gathering the funding, awareness, and supplies needed to support their philanthropy. Sororities often table outside prominent campus areas to sell merchandise, food, and anything else to support their organizations.

In addition to tabling, sororities also hold events. From races to flag football days, chances are there are many events on campus that are dedicated to philanthropy. These events are huge and integral parts of not only the sorority that is holding it, but also for the participants that join. These events are often joined by members from other Greek organizations.

Besides their national philanthropic organization, chances are sororities also get involved within their local campus. Many sororities hold local service days, which allows for their members to get involved in helping their local community. These days are very special and are a great way for sorority women to give back while also bonding with their sisters.


Overall, there is no doubt that sororities hold a lot of different activities. These events are very popular within the sorority and often have very prestigious or lengthy histories. These events are all very special to sorority women, which is often why they have custom apparel. Having a custom tee to wear that day makes it feel even more special. For a lot of sorority women, getting to wear their tee from their bid day is a great trip down memory lane.

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