Why Olympia & Olive

Why Olympia & Olive

The name Olympia & Olive was chosen very carefully due to the significance we found in the name “Olympia”.  Olympia was a goddess in Greek mythology who was believed to represent divine justice. Olympia was painted by Manet in 1863 and changed artistic rules in the 19th century. She was the first woman to be painted nude and make eye contact with the painter. You can check out the painting here! Most women who were painted nude in this era tended to look away in shyness. The model who portrayed Olympia was bold and empowered. We want our clothing to empower sorority women and help them find their inner beauty. 

We are woman and Greek owned. Our owner Natalie is a Zeta Alum and has a passion for supplying the greek market with quality and fashion-forward greek apparel.

She has been in this industry since 1989 under the brand name of Campus Classics and absolutely loves it. Natalie is a wife and mother of two while also being an amazing dog mom to our office dog Max.

We chose to create a new and separate sorority brand so that we could better focus on the voice of women. Olympia & Olive has all the same services that were once available for sorority women on Campus Classics. We offer multiple collections of sorority apparel for a wide range of sorority organizations, fundraising and philanthropy apparel shops that you can use for your sorority’s unique cause, custom designs for any type of sorority event from bid day- spring break. 

Shop Greek apparel that leaves you feeling like the empowered sorority sister that you are! Spread love with your clothes, spread Greek!

The Olympia & Olive Team 🌿

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