Sorority Recruitment Preparation (What you need to know)

Sorority Recruitment Preparation

Sorority Recruitment Preparation

Joining a sorority can be the highlight of your experience while in college. Getting to be with a group of women who truly value you and appreciate your contribution to their sisterhood is an amazing feeling, and for many women, their sorority truly feels like their home. 

When looking to join a sorority, it is important to realize how important the recruitment process is. Recruitment, often called rush, is a lengthy and commonly tiring process. However, this experience is truly a necessity in the process. Sorority recruitment allows you to really get to know the women in each sorority, their sisterhood, and their philanthropy. The most important part of rush is to remember to be completely yourself. You will find your home somewhere that loves you for who you are and who truly wants you to contribute to their sisterhood.

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When preparing for sorority recruitment, it is really important to do proper research. First, you should research sororities as a whole. Are these types of organizations something that really appeals to you? Are you able to be dedicated to the sisterhood of a sorority? These are really good questions to ask yourself when beginning to research sororities.

Additionally, when researching sororities, you should research your university or college’s sororities in particular. Are there only social sororities, or are there also service or religious/ethnic sororities? It is really important to research all of your different options and see what interests you most. That way, you can be the most prepared when rush comes around!


Another extremely important thing to do when preparing for sorority recruitment is to discuss your options with other people. Do you have a strong connection to Greek life? Does your family or friend group have a history of joining a sorority? If so, make sure that you discuss Greek life with them. You may learn things about certain sororities that really appeal to you such as their philanthropy, traditions, or legacy.

Discussing the recruitment process with people who know your school specifically is also a great idea when preparing for the recruitment process. Your Rho Gammas or Rho Chis (members of the panhellenic community who advise you) are really great resources throughout the entire process of sorority recruitment and have a lot of valuable information regarding the specific at your school. Residential Advisors are also really great resources during this process!


Another huge thing to prepare for during the sorority recruitment process is the different days. Depending on your school, sorority rush can last upwards of a week. Each day (or days) is spent at the different sororities getting to know the sisters and their sorority. Some of the days are philanthropy-based, sisterhood-based, and then preference-based. Each of these days is designed so you get to know the sorority and the sisters more and more, and so they can determine whether or not you are a good fit for them. These days also require a certain outfit, so make sure you research and prepare for each of these days accordingly!

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