Tips to Stay Off Social Media and Be Present in Your Beautiful Life

Tips to Stay Off Social Media and Be Present in Your Beautiful Life

Tips to Stay Off Social Media and Be Present in Your Beautiful Life

In a world where the internet has become the easiest form of communication, it is incredibly common to find yourself getting sucked into social media. Social media is full of aesthetic pictures, lives, and people, and if you're not careful, you’ll soon find yourself addicted to social media. Making sure that you’re present in your life is the key to finding happiness in your own life without depending on social media. 

Realize Social Media is Fake

One of the biggest things to realize about social media is how fake it is. Everything you see has been specifically curated to appeal to social media’s many different algorithms. Every picture is taken at complimentary angles, and oftentimes, edited to seem even more appealing. People only share the aesthetically pleasing or beneficial parts of their life, and it is rare to find someone who shares anything negative. This creates an unnatural standard of what life should look like; life is full of ups and downs and no one lives a perfect life. 

If you’re looking to have a better relationship with social media, make sure that you take content with, as the saying goes, a grain of salt. Every photo, video, or even word you see has been specially selected, and it is definitely not an accurate representation of life. Realizing this is the key to having a better relationship with social media and helps you become more and more present in your life. 


Limit Screen Time

If you’re looking to cut back on social media, a great way to start is to just limit your screen time altogether. Set a certain limit on apps and only allow yourself to spend a certain amount of time on your phone at one time. There are even apps or settings that restrict your access to apps after a certain time, which is great if you need a little extra help controlling your access to apps. 

Limiting screen time allows you to engage in activities that otherwise you wouldn’t be involved in. Additionally, for a lot of people, social media is a way to hide from obligations and disengage from reality, which is not a healthy coping mechanism. By limiting your time spent on your phone, you are allowing yourself to disengage from a potentially harmful activity and give yourself more time to get involved with other things.

Find Other Hobbies

If you are really struggling with staying off of social media, a great way to start is to pick up a hobby that takes up your time away from screens. Try hiking, crafting, running, reading, or just about anything that can get you away from social media. Picking up a hobby is also a really great thing to do for your mental health. Hobbies are really productive ways to disengage from potentially harmful situations and give yourself a much-needed breather during stressful times. 


Overall, the best thing to do when trying to stay away from social media is to realize how fake it is. In addition to this, limiting your screen time can be an incredibly beneficial approach, as well as finding a new hobby.

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