Top 5 Sorority Bid Day Themes

Top 5 Bid Day Themes

Top 5 Bid Day Themes

Bid day is by far one of the most rewarding days of the entire rush process; everyone’s hard work has finally come to an end and now you get to celebrate! The key to ensuring that everyone has a great day is to choose a great theme. To make it complete, it's always a great idea to get custom shirts for your sisters to really stand out!


A candy-themed bid day is one of the easiest themes to make unique. You could make it Candyland-themed like the board game or even something like “It’s Sweet To Be a [Sorority Name].” There are so many different ways to decorate; you can have colorful balloons, streamers, candy cut-outs, confetti, and of course, candy. Lollipops make adorable props for photos, and a small cotton candy machine can be a super great addition for your new members to have a cute photo op and sugary snack! You can get customized tops in bright colors and a candy-like font and you can pair them with glitter, candy jewelry, cute sunglasses, and sparkly skirts or pants. This theme is really easy to change up and you could even take a step out of the box and aim your bid day around a specific candy!


A popstar-or-rockstar-themed bid day is a really straightforward theme that can easily be changed up to put your sorority’s own spin on things. You can aim it around a specific musician or band (think Hannah Montana, Taylor Swift, Beatles, etc.) or just keep it straightforward. Decorating can be super cute with either really bright and fun colors or a more grunge-aesthetic depending on what style of music you’re going for. Props can be blow-up microphones, guitars, and really just about anything music themed! And of course, make sure you play the appropriate music style for the day! Designing super cute custom shirts can really set you apart from having a basic theme and definitely make the day really memorable.


A racecar-themed bid day is a really cute theme if you’re not looking to do something super specific. You can decorate with checkered print, red and black streamers, and balloons, and can make your entire house feel like a racing track! Getting custom tees is a must and can be styled in really cute ways with boots, leather pants, and flame sunglasses! You can even get even more specific and do a grand-prix theme or Nascar-style race to make the theme even more special! Props like mini checkered flags are super cute for photos too.


A decades-themed bid day is a really fun theme to dress up for! You can do just about any decade (60s, 70s, 80s, 90s), or even opt for just a retro-inspired bid day theme. You could theme your day after a specific icon or tv show if you want to make it a little more specific. These themes are all bright and colorful which makes decorating really fun and makes your sorority super inviting to incoming new members! Tees can be customized in a variety of different ways with different decade fonts and colorful designs! 


Western themes have become really popular for a variety of different events, so choosing a western-inspired bid day theme is a great way to get involved in trends. You can aim for just a plain cowgirl-style theme or even do something a little more specific like country music or Dolly Parton inspired! Lots of cow print, western decor, and maybe even some hot pink is the key to making this theme really pop. Try styling custom tees with cowgirl boots, hats, and bandanas to give off major country vibes! Here are some of our favorite Western-style tees! 

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