The Best Ways to Celebrate Galentine’s Day

The Best Ways to Celebrate Galentine’s Day


Chances are you’re already a fan of celebrating your girl friends, I mean you’re in a sorority so obviously this means Galentine’s Day is the perfect holiday for you! So on February 13th grab some of your closest friends, make like Leslie Knope, and start celebrating! There are about a million ways to celebrate Galentine’s Day, here are some of our favorites: 

Brunch (duh)

Be honest, does anything top brunch with your girlfriends? You could always go out to your favorite brunch spot but we recommend a DIY brunch. Better yet, make it a potluck!

Assign different things for everyone to bring like pancakes, a breakfast casserole, different juices, etc. and see what people come up with. Maybe they’ve got a favorite muffin recipe that their mom passed down to them or they want to support the best local coffee shop and bring everyone a drink - it gives them the chance to get creative and share something they love with their friends. 

We also recommend asking everyone to come in their comfiest pajamas! There is nothing better than spending the whole morning munching on great food in some comfy clothes while you catch up with your people.



Plan a Photoshoot

Step one: Get everyone coordinating shirts (or go all the way and do matching shirts) like these. Step two: go to the dollar section at Target and get some fun props. Step three: make a killer playlist. Step four: set the self timer and your phone and start shooting! 

I mean, is it even a Galentine’s Day party if you don’t post a bunch of pictures to Instagram with lovey dovey captions about how much your girl gang means to you? This will take those pics to the next level, I promise.

Get Crafty

You don’t need a man to get you flowers on Valentine’s Day, you are an independent woman who can make your own floral arrangements! 

Head to your favorite craft store to buy a BUNCH of different flowers, some cheap vases, ribbon, and whatever else you want to add to make these arrangements pop. Then print out some inspiration from Pinterest for everyone to look at and you’ve got yourself a DIY floral arrangement party!

Did Someone Say Pizza Party?

That’s right, I said pizza party! Premade crust is your best friend in a pizza party situation so load up on those next time you go grocery shopping. While you’re at it, grab a variety of different toppings so that there is something for everyone.

A fun twist on this is to shape your pizza crusts into hearts because, well, don’t your girlfriends have a pizza your heart? Bad puns aside, you really can’t go wrong with a build-it-yourself pizza and it’s not hard, I promise.


Do a Secret Santa  Cupid

Same idea as a Secret Santa but now it’s Cupid’s time to shine. Set a price limit, pick a theme, choose a name, and you’re good to go! Need some theme ideas? We’ve got you covered!

  1. Doing Galentine’s Day with your sorority sisters? Make it Theta themed or Tri Delta themed or whichever-group-you’re-part-of themed. Sorority stickers are all the rage and we’ve got some great ones right here!
  2. Get your girls to relax and choose a self care theme. Face masks, bubble baths, nail polish, a good book, the list could go on and on.
  3. Chocolate. That’s it, that’s the theme. 

Whatever you decide to do for Galentine’s Day this year, we hope you have an amazing time with the amazing ladies in your life. Cheers!

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