Why Sororities Have Big and Littles

Why Sororities Have Big and Littles


What Are Sorority Families?

Sororities are made up of groups of women that consider each other to be sisters. Within each chapter exists different families, often named after an animal or mascot. These families include a new member, her sponsor (or big), and a continuing line of older members since the family was established.

What're Bigs and Littles?

A new member will be given her sponsor/big after she is initiated into a chapter. These matches are made based on compatibility between new members and existing members. Chapters will call these different things like Bigs, Moms, or Sponsors. These relationships help to mentor new members and develop them in their sisterhood.

What's Reveal?

A fun part of the Big/Little program is the reveal, where Littles are given clues to help them discover their Bigs. Usually, with Big/Little reveal a Big will have a fun way to surprise her Little. After the reveal, a Big will typically give her new Little a basket of sorority gifts

Why Be a Big or Little?

Having a sorority family allows a collegiate woman to form relationships within her sorority. These relationships can create a home away from home for a member. Sorority families often stay in touch after graduation, serving as ties to a great time in a woman’s life as well as support for the future. 

The mentorship offered by a Big can provide a strong role model of a sorority and collegiate woman. A Big can be someone to lean on during hard times and can offer advice about membership, life, or academics. The experience of being a Big allows a member to develop herself as a leader and mentor.

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